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Protect Your Business with Commercial Insurance

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Our business is to help you protect yours.  Talk to us about how we can save you money on insuring all your hard work.


Whether you have a retail store, a construction business, or you’re a doctor or dentist with a professional corporation, you need to be protected.  Alberta businesses drive our dynamic economy.  There are over 150,000 small businesses in Alberta employing over a million people.  From construction contractors and family-run restaurants to serial entrepreneurs and marketing firms, Alberta has about 39 small businesses in the province for every 1,000 people, far exceeding the Canadian average of 31.


Regardless of what kind of business you have, you need to be covered for general liability insurance.

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Beyond general liability coverage, some other things to think about are:

  • Professional liability insurance

  • Commercial property insurance

  • Equipment breakdown insurance

  • Business Interruption Insurance

  • Vandalism, theft, or asset loss insurance

  • Professional errors and omissions insurance

  • Bonding insurance

Call us and we’ll design coverage for you based on the business you’re in.  Here are just a few things to think about if you’re in the following businesses:

Contractor?  Liability and workers’ compensation coverage is mandatory, but you should consider risk insurance as well.  This protects you from fire, theft, vandalism and other perils at your job site and is usually temporary, during the work period at specific sites.


Bonding insurance protects against loss caused by internal fraud, theft, or incompetence.  If your employee makes a mistake that causes loss to your clients, bonding insurance is what covers this.   In some industries, such as banking, bonding insurance is mandatory, but if you work in any position of public trust it may elevate your credibility to be bonded.

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There are several different types of bonding insurance.  A contract bond compensates your client if the terms of a contract are not met.  Be aware that this is paid to your client, and then the insurance company may pursue your company for the losses it paid out to your client.  The advantage is that if you are able to pay the compensation to the client in a timely manner, there is much less likelihood of a court action or lawsuit.  Other types of bonds are available such as environmental bonds, customs and excise bonds or permit bonds.


If you own or lease commercial property, your commercial policy should provide adequate protection for all of the assets that your company owns or is responsible for at that premises.  That includes buildings, contents, IT equipment, stock and supplies, whether on your property, in transit or off site.

Talk to us about your business.  We’ll find you the best coverage possible, for the lowest price you can get.  We’ll make sure you know about your options and decide what’s best for your future.

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Insure Your Peace of Mind

You have options. Make us yours.

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