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Recreational Insurance Allows You to Enjoy the Outdoors in Peace

active recreation on snowmobiles

Worry-free fun, all four seasons!


Whether camping, waterskiing, out on the motorbike or sledding, take peace of mind with you by getting the right coverage before you go.


KC Insurance resides in East Central Alberta, where we take our fun seriously!  We’ve got lakes, trails, and all kinds of great opportunities to use your toys.  Read on to see how we can help you make sure you’re good to go!


We also understand that many businesses rely on these vehicles to access remote areas.  Talk to us about how we can cover you.

Motorcycle driving down winding road

Motorcycle Insurance

Cruise in comfort!  We have the right insurance policy for you.

Do I need to keep motorcycle coverage in winter? – Insurance companies have already factored occasional (seasonal) use into their quotes for motorcycles in Alberta, much like boats and snowmobiles. 

RV Insurance

Motorhomes and travel trailers require different kinds of coverage:

Can I add my motorhome to my car insurance policy? – You could, but you might not be adequately insured if you do.  The motorhome is a motor vehicle, but there are risks specific to motorhomes such as emergency vacation expenses that an ordinary auto policy won’t necessarily cover.


What about coverage for my possessions I left in the motorhome? – A standard auto policy doesn’t cover your belongings in the event of an accident or theft.  That’s usually covered by your home policy.  When it comes to RVs, specialty motorhome policies do add this coverage.

Family RV driving through the Rockies
Rv trailer, chairs and picnic table around a glowing campfire, wilderness site, night

Tent & Travel Trailers

What type of coverage do I need for my trailer? – You may not need a separate policy, but this depends on the coverage you need. Insuring the trailer under a standard home or farm policy provides basic or replacement cost coverage.  A home policy can provide coverage for named perils or all risks, with reimbursements ranging from actual cash value to guaranteed replacement cost, depending on the coverage you choose.  Also, if you park your trailer year round in a secure, supervised RV park, you may already be covered for outbuildings at the site, emergency vacation expenses and discounts if the trailer is parked year-round in a secure, supervised RV park.


What about liability insurance for my trailer? – Liability for a trailer rests with the policy on the towing vehicle when attached to a vehicle, and additional liability needs to be purchased when it's not attached.  

Boats & Watercraft

Whether your boat is covered by your property policy or you have a standalone policy, liability is included, but make sure you have it.  If you don’t know, call us and we’ll make sure you’re properly covered.  It does not extend automatically from other policies (e.g. auto) you may have.


Do you have a specialty wakeboard or towing boat?  We can insure it.  We work with specialty marine underwriters who understand the recreational watercraft industry’s needs, and we’ll make sure you have the coverage you need.


Does a boat policy cover the trailer too? – Yes, a boat policy will cover its trailer unless you specifically exclude it.


How does an insurance company decide what my boat is worth if it’s stolen? – There are two main ways.  Boats and watercraft can be insured for actual cash value (current market price) or for a value stated by you (“stated value”).  Stated value coverage has a set limit, typically the purchase price including taxes. In the event of a total loss, replacement cost coverage will replace your boat with a brand-new watercraft from the current model year, but it is not available on all boats.  Contact us for details.

Mother and Son on Boat
Yellow snowmobile ready for ride

Snowmobiles & ATVs

Do I need insurance for my sled/ATV? – You must have liability insurance before you can register your snowmobile.  Just like any other vehicle, if it’s financed, the bank or finance company is likely to require full insurance coverage to protect the snowmobile against loss or damage.  And much like a car, if it’s an old sled that isn’t really worth replacing you might not bother with coverage beyond liability.  But you must have at least that.


Does age play a factor in my rates? – There’s no minimum age for operating a snowmobile; the market value and the size of the engine are the biggest factors.


Do I need to insure my sled all year long? – Just like motorcycles and boats, insurance companies have already factored seasonal use into their rates.

Driving ATV through Water

Insure Your Peace of Mind

You have options. Make us yours.

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