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Whether it’s around the block, or across the world, Albertan’s love to travel. Travel insurance will help protect you and your travelling companions wherever you decide wander.


When you are planning a trip, you put a lot of research into where you are going to stay, what you are going to eat , and how you are going to spend your time. But how much research have you done on insuring your actual trip? No one likes to think that something might happen that will negatively impact those plans and add costs drastically above any considered budget.

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Emergency Medical Insurance

The first thing people think of when they hear “travel insurance” is an emergency medical situation, and that is certainly a huge reason to purchase insurance. Even if you are just travelling within Canada , most provincial health plans don’t cover anything more than hospitalization when you travel outside of your home province. If you break you leg while snowboarding down a mountain in BC and have to be airlifted to care, you could be looking at costs up over $7,500 just for the airlift alone.

What does Emergency Medical Insurance cover?

The simple answer would be emergency medical care and treatment, everything from a bloody nose to sudden death. But it covers so much more, including some often medium sized, but extremely important details. If you are travelling with children and something happens that incapacitates you and/or your partner, are your children going to be left alone and unsupervised in a strange place? Not with the proper coverage. Most emergency coverage extends to include up to $500 a day for childcare, or even immediate airfare home *and* the cost of a qualified chaperone to see them safely there. That relieves a whole lot of worry that very few people even consider when thinking about how to strategically place their tan lines, or what tie goes with what shirt.


Additional medical coverage can also be added to cover you for extreme sports and adventure activities. So if you are headed to Venezuela for some base jumping, make sure you talk to your broker about ensuring your parachute is covered.

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Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance

You are planning to spend Spring break taking the kids tubing in Banff. What an awesome idea ! Except that the morning you are supposed to leave, not only does one of your kids wake up with chicken pox, but there is a New York style snow drift outside your front door. What do you do ?


You are heading to Calgary to catch an international flight because you’ve had a nagging urge to sip a good strong coffee on the streets of Rome. Driving down the QE2 and suddenly you are made aware of a recent 27 car pile-up that is going to take hours, if not days to clear up. What do you do?


It’s mid-summer and you have just gotten married. Due to work constraints you and your partner have decided to book your honeymoon trip for the following summer. But the honeymoon doesn’t wait, and before you know it you are expecting a bundle of joy. Your trip is due to depart within 9 weeks of your due date. What do you do ?


All of these situations could be a headache on top of a headache if you were now looking at being out the cost of your trip. However, if you purchased Trip interruption or Cancellation insurance, then you can focus on the important aspects of the current events and rest assured knowing that your costs are covered and you can rearrange your trip as needed.

Single and Multi-Trip Annual Coverage

Do you have multiple trips planned this year , or are you more of a spontaneous get up and go type of person? Make sure you ask your broker about multi-trip coverage. Most travel insurance providers offer a payment plan, and there is often a discount so it is definitely worth it.

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Insure Your Peace of Mind

You have options. Make us yours.

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